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Unofficial notes about the excellent egui crate


This is an example of using checkboxes to change the color of a circle



Screenshot Screenshot


Checkboxes, egui::widgets::Checkbox, take two parameters. A mutable bool and a string.

We first create and initialize our struct with the boolean variable for each checkbox. For this example, the default value is false. We’ll also create a variable for color values, set as u8.

pub struct ExampleApp {
    red: bool,
    green: bool,
    blue: bool,
    r: u8,
    g: u8,
    b: u8,

impl Default for ExampleApp {
    fn default() -> Self {
        Self {
            red: false,
            green: false,
            blue: false,
            r: 0,
            g: 0,
            b: 0,

We create a checkbox with ui.checkbox() which we pass our boolean variable to, and we also give it a label. Checking the box will change the value to true.

ui.checkbox(&mut, "Red");
ui.checkbox(&mut, "Green");
ui.checkbox(&mut, "Blue");

We will put our color variables into a circle. The circle outline takes the same variables but in a different order, just to mix it up a bit.

    Color32::from_rgb(self.r, self.g, self.b), 
    Stroke{width: 5.0, color: Color32::from_rgb(self.g, self.b, self.r)}

If one of our checkbox values becomes true, we change our color variable.

if {
    self.r = 200;
else {
    self.r = 0;
if {
    self.g = 200;
else {
    self.g = 0;
if {
    self.b = 200;
else {
    self.b = 0;