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Unofficial notes about the excellent egui crate


Each example, which is part of the git repository which runs this site, is fully runnable rust code.

Once you have rust installed (see the setup page), here is how to run any example:

# Do this once to get the code
git clone

# Here is how to run any example
cargo build

101: Basic Examples

  1. egui-101-basic: A heading, label, and button.
  2. egui-101-menu: A menu bar with several menus
  3. egui-101-moving-circle: A circle which moves across the screen

112: Basic Interactions

  1. egui-112-circle-follow-mouse: Following the mouse pointer with a circle
  2. egui-112-button-move-circle: Buttons that effect a circle on the screen
  3. egui-112-keypress-move-circle: Moving a circle around the screen using keypresses

122: Basic Widgets

  1. egui-122-checkbox-functionality Using Checkboxes to change the circle color
  2. egui-122-slider Using Sliders to change the circle color
  3. egui-122-combo-box A simple example of an egui combo box
  4. egui-122-button-grid A example of buttons, sliders, and grids in egui
  5. egui-122-multiple-choice A multiple choice/radio button example
  6. egui-122-text-size Text size example in egui
  7. egui-122-check-box A widget for check boxes in egui

144: Basic Interactive Games

  1. egui-144-clicker-game: Gets points for clicks
  2. egui-144-color-clicker: Four circles that you have to turn off
  3. egui-144-circle-chaser: A circle and a target, Touch the target